Growing in Christ

Everyone has room to grow as a follower of Christ. Omega, provides a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest believer to the those with years of experience.

Full Armor Kid’s Ministry

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We want growth! 

Children are naturally attracted to the noise! We at Full Armor seek to be dynamic in our approaches in order to gain the attention of the children. We take a week in our scheduled month to venture out and scout new areas we can minister in. We have expansion in our sights, and seek to grow evermore. We assign atleast two leader in every area to ensure we have someone accountable for the children in that area. We are trainig new leaders that have grow out of our pre-teen ministry and are eager to join the ranks of the Children ministry volunteers. As this may be realized sooner than planned for, we are excited about the potential growth this will be bring! 


Kids today, leaders tommorow!

We believe in the capability of each of our children to grow and demonstrate a true nature reflective of the christain faith. We empahize this, and seek to nurture it in each of our lessons and activities. We are cognizant of the ability of our children to develop into the future spiritual leaders and approach every activity with this as our core belief and goal. 


One, two, three, grow!

One by one, we are snatching kids up to join us in the fun and spiritually filled adventure! We have venture in out to as much areas as we can possibly manage and we have our eyes set on more areas within our reach. As of now, we have expanded to four areas within the town limits of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. We are eager to reach to even more kids. Our vision is to change our society one kid at a time!

Sponsorship Program

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Give a child a future today!

The socio-economic situation in Belize is increasingly a grave one. With national taxes growing on comodities, low minimum wage, it leaves educational opportunites dwindling for our children, as parents struggle to survive and provide for their children. We at Omega are mindful of the the hardships our children face and want to challenge them to grow out of it. Part of that bright future we want, is to give our children the access to education where they otherwise wouldn’t have. We are constantly looking for more partners in this process. We are grateful to our past sponsors, for giving us the capability to promote this very essential ministry. But we know the work has just begun. Everyday spent out in the back roads of the town we find more children who need your aid. We monitor our children progress closely and where intervention is needed, we are eager to help achieve and succeed. The smiles and joy in the face of our kids who are blessed with sponsorship, is something that can’t be place a value on. Please learn how you can help today!

Youth Ministry

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Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry truly has a fiery passion in each leader that asserts. Our youth are passionate in serving , learning and worshipping. Our youth’s night is far from “ordinary”. It is a hangout spot, the place to be on Saturday’s. Our leaders are responsible to bring together service that is appealing for youths. We have young people from diverse areas coming together as one. Our leaders are in charge of encouraging these youths that come from harsh pasts. Many of them facing addictions, abuse and low self-esteem. We have seen results, youths truly starting over and mirroring the ways of their leaders who mirror Christ. We have seen involvement, engagement and growth and results. 

Men’s Ministry

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Our Vision
The Men’s Ministry contains various programs that strive to meet the needs of men in our community. Opportunities to get involved are special events (for example: Father-Daughter Dance, Casino Night), Radical Mentoring (a yearlong program of intensely focused mentoring), retreats, sports, recreational activities and adventure events. The ministry is constantly growing.
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