Full Armor Kid's Ministry


We want growth!

Children are naturally attracted to the noise! We at Full Armor seek to be dynamic in our approaches in order to gain the attention of the children. We have expansion in our sights and seek to grow continually. We assign at least two leaders in every area to ensure someone is accountable for the children and growth of the children’s ministry in that area. We are training new leaders who have grown out of our pre-teen ministry programs and are eager to join the ranks of the Children’s ministry volunteers.


Kids today, leaders tomorrow!

We believe in each child’s ability to grow and demonstrate a true nature reflective of the Christian faith. We emphasize this mindset and seek to nurture it in each of our lessons and activities. We trust in the potential of each child to be the spiritual leaders they were created to be, and we approach every activity with this as our core belief and goal.


One, two, three, grow!

One by one, kids are joining our ranks in this fun and spiritually filled adventure! We have ventured out to as many areas as we can possibly manage, but we have our eyes set on expanding beyond our immediate community. Currently we cover four areas within the town limits of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. We are eager to reach to even more kids. Our vision is to change our society one kid at a time!

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