Women's Ministry

Life Group Ministry

The women’s ministry was created to encourage, equip, promote, and challenge women in their journey as daughters and disciples of Jesus Christ, both in their families and as leaders in their community. The women’s ministry meets in dedicated life groups on a weekly basis in small groups to study the Bible and support each other through all ups and downs of life. The women also all come together to the Omega Ministry church site for a larger gathering to on a regular basis for collective sermons, and to celebrate for special events.

Sewing & Crochet Ministry

In partnership with the non-profit organization Christian Sewing partners of Belize, Omega Ministry provides sewing machines and sewing lessons to families. Clothing and school uniforms can be pricey and may end up being the difference between being able to send a child to school. The program is designed to equip members of the community for the long term by enabling them to not only sew their children’s school uniforms but provide income from other clients in the community. The program has had success and expanded to include crochet and knitting.

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